Toadz need to eat too you know! Find Wormtongue the Great and go hunt for some BUGZ in the Mighty Marsh!

What are BUGZ?

  • Unlike BW where you generate MAGIC that enables cross-game usage…BUGZ emissions are soulbound. (no LP dumping for you!)
  • BUGZ are the only way to take “Actions” in this game (Toadz need to eat too you know!)
  • Every Toadz makes 10 BUGZ per day if you are “Hunting” – rarity doesn’t matter except make you look pretty.
  • Toadz can only do one thing at-a-time – don’t expect to be hunting and adventuring at the same time!
  • Since BUGZ are soul-bound and untradeable, you can only get more BUGZ by getting more Toadz.
  • When you are ready, just press “Claim” and move on to the Adventures or Shopping!

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