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Croak! Looking for a casual jolly good time with a cute PFP to boot?

What is this game about? (Toadstoolz)

Welcome to the land of Croakshire where Toadz spend their time catching BUGZ, adventure, and even shopping!

This game is a bit of a life-sim for being a toad with lots of CROAKZ!, bugsy flavor and charm!

Game is very casual and you can just check-in every few days to mess around rather than a daily grind.

Sooner or later, you can also use your hard-earned logs to build a house!

What can Toadz do?

  • Hunt – make BUGZ to shop/adventure
  • Shop – Welcome to Croak-e-Mart!
  • Adventure – Chop trees, get wood!
  • Wartlocks Hollow – Community Challenges, Cauldron, Blurprints, Housing mint, MAGIC staking via BF Flywheel soon
  • Gacha (New feature) – OMFG – you can pull Orcs here!!! ZUG ZUG!
  • Housing – Own a home in Croakshire & expand it with your hard-won logs + BUGZ & Blueprints!

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