Toad Pad (Housing/Land)

NGL, eating BUGZ (hopefully good ones), and packing them into bento-boxes to venture into the forests for wood is a croak-load of work!

Wouldn’t it be nice to kick back after an exhausting? Now you can build your own house and do just that!

Remember all that wood you got? Time to use them to buildooooor!

Minting your House

  • Visit the Warlock (Tempest thinks this guy is more of a 7-11)
  • Burn 5 logs + 1x Blue Print + 200 BUGZ for one House!
  • Whatever logs you contribute will end up being randomly assigned to each part of the house!
  • This also means, 5 of the same log gives you a matching house!
  • Remember those RARE Wood? Those make prettier houses!
  • Seemingly, the environments are random-generated so you can still get lucky to mint a random house in a posh croakshire-hood

What do they do? (Coming Sooooon)

  • Stake your Toad Pad (for now you can only Stake one)
  • Make $BUGZ
  • Rarity is cosmetic only.
  • You will be able to build or expand your Toadz-Empire via moar staking of Padz!
  • Interior NFTs (Furniture & Trophies???)
  • Adventures to better your home!

What do they look like??

Note that architecture is RNG too! so not all houses have the same chimney smokes / building looks…etc.

Woods UsedExteriorInterior
Random stuff
(It’s mine, don’t ask!)
Take random slices of the below!
Oak Wood
Pine Wood
Red Wood
Toad Wood
Bufo Wood
Witch Wood
Gold Wood
Sakura Wood (preeeetty)

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